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True-bypass relay module with momentary switch for mods


True bypass relay module that can be used in a a variety of switching applications.

– Very small footprint 23 x 36 mm (including the M3 mount hole)
– Reliable operation ensured by a classic design
– High quality ZETTLER DPDT relay

The design was made as flexible as it can be and can satisfy a very long list of applications from simple to very complex switching requirements.

Design considerations:

– An M3 screw hole in case you would like to use it on a standoff

– Using a voltage stabilizer enabled the use of a wide variety of supply voltages (6V to 15V can be used – a max. of 12V is recommended)

– Led resistor added onboard

– In case of need the M3 hole can be snapped off and the footprint will become even smaller

– The bottom of the module is a ground plane to ensure a noise free operation

– All relay contacts are available on this module so you can use it in almost any application that would require a relay – that will enable to use various forms of bypass wiring and it can also be used for switching different configurations / parts in amps, pedals etc. using a remote switch.

– Standard 2.5mm pitch between relay’s contacts will allow the use of pin headers and standard breadboard jumpers 

*NOTE! A momentary switch is not provided with the module and should be bought separately. Any type of momentary switch can be used, but it should be appropriate for the application in which is going to be used. 

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