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Propaganda Radio – transparent clean boost for guitar


There is not much to say about this clean boost pedal. The “Propaganda Radio” will open a new dimension on how your guitar will sound in front of an amp.

It will add that perfect balance of boost and attack and will leave your tone unmodified and unaltered. What can you want more? This pedal will make your amp scream and will unleash your creativity by taking you tone to a whole new level.

Each unit is hand built and is using only top notch quality parts. Keep also in mind that each unit is individually inspected and tested, those features mixed with a two year full warranty* will give you a tool that will not be able to take out of your pedal board.

The unit is compatible with all center negative (negative tip) pedal board supplied and can accept DC voltage (with correct polarity – negative tip) between 9 and 12V.

NOTE! *Parts/events that are not covered by warranty: reverse polarity or wrong power supply used with the unit, liquid spills on the unit, mechanical destruction of the unit (warranty will not cover chips and dents in the paint finish).

In stock (can be backordered)


1 review for Propaganda Radio – transparent clean boost for guitar

  1. Florin Giuglea

    Florin Giuglea
    The boost pedal nothing short of amazing. I’ve been using it with my FLO S-type guitars in front of my Cornford or Fender amps. It adds dimension and 3D-ness to the tone, making it bigger in a both chimey-er and ballsy-er way. And it’s great when stacked with other overdrive pedals. This one stays on my pedalboard!

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