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THE GTFO – full tube / high-gain/ high-voltage guitar overdrive


THE GTFO is the result of almost 4 years of experiments,testing and design. This high-gain overdrive was build to deliver the most authentic tube sound that a pedal can deliver.

The pedal is build using 2 x 12AX7 (ECC83) (NO solid-state elements in the audio path) tubes that are supplied with high voltage (300V) so, this is not a starved plate design and the tone that can deliver is a proof of this.

Inside, a DC-DC converter is used to boost the 12V DC supply voltage to 300V DC.

The pedal is delivered with JJ or TAD tubes and also with 12V @ 1.2A wall-wart so you can use it immediately in your pedal-board.

Another important feature is the small footprint (11 cm x 9.5 cm) so you can fit it in almost any pedal-board.

No simulations, no fakes, no compromises … just pure guitar TONE.

Low gain to medium gain clip

High-gain clip (Blinded by fear – At the gates (cover))

Available on backorder

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