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Fx-loop module with 6n17b tube / add-on for tube guitar amps


FX-LOOP add-on module that can be fitted virtually in any guitar tube amplifier. It’s based on 6N17B sub-miniature double triode (military grade tube with over 5000 guaranteed service hours).

Rb (2W) resistor is not provided.

Installing this module might require to work with high voltage. Previous experience with tubes and/or tube amplifiers it’s a plus but not mandatory. The module it’s recommended to be installed by an amp technician. 

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5 reviews for Fx-loop module with 6n17b tube / add-on for tube guitar amps

  1. Bradley Walker
    Ok fellas here is my review of the “DeXTeR’s WorkShop” tube effects loop by Dexter GT. In a word, this thing is insane… It was incredibly easy to install, even for me… I installed it in the Hixenator 100 which is my Quick Rod type design built in a Laney chassis.This is the most transparent loop I’ve ever seen or heard of. I can pull the cable out in mid riff and I can’t even tell any difference. I didn’t even have to adjust the volume with the trim pot.I used a B plus voltage of 248 volts to the tube. The loop is installed between the last gain stage (a plate in my case) and the tone stack.I use TC Electronics delay and reverb in the loop.

  2. Ami Chen
    I bought this fx loop module from Dexter And I must say its a very high level of product !!! Excellent construction and excellent components. Excellent service from the start to the end. The product works like a Swiss watch. A score of 100! Thanks!

  3. ‎Dustin Scott Beasley
    Just installed the DeXTeR’s WorkShop effects loop into my 100W Marshall JMP build. This loop is fantastic! Tube based effects loops are notorious for adding extra coloration to your sound that can be undesirable. This loop DOES NOT do this! It has lot of fidelity for a tube based loop. Installation was as simple as hooking up 3 wires plus the heaters. Now with a heavily distorted amp, delays and modulation effects retain their clarity within the mix. I would highly recommend this loop to any custom amp builder or individual who needs a discrete loop in their amp. 5 stars!

  4. ‎Fred Holzhauer‎
    I have a 64 Princeton, non reverb that came to me, harvested 🙁 and modded, no top back panel, etc. No restoration possibility. What to do? Turn it into a modern and light grab-and-go player’s amp ! Part of a complete package is an effects loop. Thanks, DeXTeR’s WorkShop for a nice tube-buffered module to put between the tone stack and recovery stage. It serves as a modest gain stage, as well. Super thrilled with the result !

  5. ‎Sergio Simplemente
    Fx loop from DeXTeR’s WorkShop now installed in my harley benton ga5 works nice after a couple of days, a cold solder from me had me asking for help, they answered gently and patiently helping me discover what was wrong. Now its sounding so good! A very warm tubey reverb delays now I play with!
    Thank you Gabriel!

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