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by Jan Michael Witt on DeXTeR's WorkShop
The PREAMP - a love story

After a well respected bassist recommended the PREAMP with emphasis - I ordered this far-off-the-mainstream device. I received the PREAMP some month ago, and I start using it as a classic preamp in front of my line6 sonic port to store some ideas in garage band. After a longer break due to my job, I recently started using it in front of my MarkBass Ninja with my G&L LB100. T h e s o u n d i s j u s t p e r f e c t. Is is smooth, yet (very) present. It has such a nice compression, if the gain is turned (a bit) up. I love it - I´m serious! Thanks for this creation!!

by Dave Brown on DeXTeR's WorkShop
Dl8 Mods

Thank you so much you have been so kind helping me with this mod many people have surely benefitted greatly from your work and to give the knowledge freely to us who are mere novice thank you once again Dex


by Jonathan on DeXTeR's WorkShop
F2B Preamp

Dexter built a F2B Preamp "in a box" form me. It has worked amazingly well. For live gigs, I use an original vintage Alembic F2B preamp to get that clean Peter Hook sound for my bass. Now with Dexter's F2B Preamp stomp box, I am able to create the same sound without having to lug around my rack case. The sound is just as amazing as the original Alembic. Quality of construction is excellent. Highly recommend Dexter. In fact, I've asked Dexter to start another project for me --- a preamp circuit board for the Yamaha BB1200S bass guitar.

by Mark Avnet on DeXTeR's WorkShop
F2B preamp

Really, really great! I ordered a prebuilt box, which was sent out instantly; took a bit of time to get to the US, but arrived well packed and intact. And it sounds amazing. Clean, quiet, tubey - the tone stack is definitely the F2B stack, and the interplay between the gain and volume knobs brings something missing from the Alembic original - easy overdrive that still keeps that warm sound. Between this and a small class D power amp, other than speakers my entire rig fits into my bass gig bag. I'm very happy with this preamp!

by Troy C on DeXTeR's WorkShop

I purchased the GTFO for its high gain capability, and it does not disappoint. This pedal will crush those chunky metal riffs. Looking forward to Dexter's future projects, as well as bouncing any questions and ideas his way.

by Bradley Walker on DeXTeR's WorkShop
Tube Effects Loop

Ok fellas here is my review of the "DeXTeR's WorkShop" tube effects loop by Dexter GT. In a word, this thing is insane... It was incredibly easy to install, even for me... I installed it in the Hixenator 100 which is my Quick Rod type design built in a Laney chassis.

This is the most transparent loop I've ever seen or heard of. I can pull the cable out in mid riff and I can't even tell any difference. I didn't even have to adjust the volume with the trim pot.

I used a B plus voltage of 248 volts to the tube. The loop is installed between the last gain stage (a plate in my case) and the tone stack.

I use TC Electronics delay and reverb in the loop.

Dexter has been very helpful with any question I had from troubleshooting to designing and board layouts as well anything he did that I was curious of learning about. I've learned so much from his projects. This dude definitely has something pretty awesome for the pedal building community. Top quality and well thought out work. Next for me is the GTFO! Keep up the good work! And thank you very much!

by Dave Brown on DeXTeR's WorkShop

I contacted Dexter for information on my hardwire Dl-8 delay pedals he kindly told me exactly what I need to do for the kill dry mod, saved me pounds cause I have two of theme, this guy is absolutely a legend answers to emails ASAP one of the most helpful in this field a great big thanks is the order of the day from Dave of the UK.

by Duane Adams on DeXTeR's WorkShop
The Preamp

DeXTeR did a wonderful job with this kit. The pre-drilled and powder coated enclosure is perfect. All supplied components are top grade. Populating the pcb a breeze, though very tight in the SMPS section. If you follow the order laid out in his tutorial, the SMPS section comes together nicely. The pots are off-board wired, but DeXTeR left plenty of room in the design for the pots and wiring to fit when the unit is assembled. The sound? Just as expected - silky clean sound with tube warmth, noise free (even with pre and post at max), and a subtle tone stack with scoopable mids. As for the man himself, DeX is one of the most polite, intelligent, and enthusiastic designers/builders I've ever dealt with. Don't hesitate to message him with questions or for assistance. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next - whatever it is, it'll be a solid piece of gear that sounds fantastic!

by John Bache on DeXTeR's WorkShop
Professional & Polite

Dexters skills are legendary. He is a both professional and polite. I would recommend him to anyone that likes great sounding gear.

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