Because i’m trying to put some order in my projects and because a lot of you guys are trying to build a programmable switcher switcher/looper, I’ve decided to put out in the wild, unde open-source GPL V2 licence agreement my project for a fully programmable switcher/looper.

There are some conditions for using this project / concept / parts of this project:
– credits will be given / mentioned about the original owner and designer of the project
– silkscreen of the PCB will remain unchanged (no credits / logo removal)
– any part of the project that is modified including but not limited to firmware, hardware etc. will be freely distributed under GPL V2 along with the custom modifications made – of course mentioning the modifications and credits.
I know there are a lot of ways to bypass this … but i would prefer not to as the project was designed in my own time and it’s offered free of any charge.

Features of the switcher:
– a maximum number of 16 inputs (foot-switches / tact switches etc) that are arranged in a multiplexed matrix
– a maximum number of 21 outputs that can be used for relays, leds, etc.
– MIDI IN and OUT ready

The project is delivered with a sample program that will give you:
– 8 loops
– 16 presets in 2 banks
– direct access to each loop (each loop can be individually turned on/off)
– possibility to command your amp through TS or TRS standard cables.

This project will contain: BRD file (EAGLE Cad V6.3 / GERBER Files / Firmware Source Code)
As a word of advice, this project is not an easy one and will require quite a high knowledge of hardware and software.

EAGLE V6.3 BRD file: Zip BRD


FIRMWARE: Zip Firmware