PCB Design

PCB design services:

  • Multi-layer PCB design
  • THD / SMD or mixed type designs 
  • Designing of custom parts (footprints)
  • GERBER export for PCB manufacturing
  • PCB manufacturing up to 4 layers

Prices starting from 20USD / hour or 50USD for a maximum of 50 x 50 mm routing area.
Custom quotations available by request. 

Schematic capture


Schematic capture services:

  • Electronic design from client's requests / ideas 
  • Custom parts design
  • Integrated services with PCB design and manufacturing of PCBs

Prices starting with 15USD / hour (in case PCB design services are required the price is included in the PCB design service).
For concept and electronic design requested by client, custom quotation is available according to the complexity of the project.

Mechanical design


Mechanical and 3D design:

  • Design and manufacturing of enclosures and chassis
  • Metal sheet design of various items according to client's request
  • 3D simulation of planted PCBs
  • Integrated product design (Schematic capture, PCB design and enclosure design of a product) according to client's specifications
  • Manufacturing of metal sheet items (laser cutting and press bending)

Prices available by request according to the complexity of the project.

Consulting services


Consulting services are available for:

  • Electronic design and manufacturing steps
  • Schematic capture and PCB design along with all necessary steps to manufacturing
  • Mechanical and product design (Do It Right)
  • Brain storming
  • Live conferencing on Skype calls

I can be contacted either by email: dexter@dextersworkshop.com or by Skype call to: gtudoran (Gabriel Tudoran)

Prices starting with 20USD / hour.